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Carmel-by-the-Sea Home Comparison

When selecting a Carmel-by-the-Sea home:

Q. Is the home close to the beach and town?
A. Many properties in Carmel-by-the-Sea are blocks away from both. You might hike a couple times, but you'll give up trying.

With restricted town parking and tough tourist competition it can be difficult driving to Ocean Avenue. And if your rental is too far from Carmel's white sand beach, you'll miss beautiful afternoon strolls and morning mists. DragonsFyre is under five minutes walk to both town and beach.

Q. Is the home modern, warm and filled with sunlight?
A. Many Carmel homes have low ceilings and small windows. Dark and cramped older properties are probably not the best for a vacation. DragonsFyre is a cheerful home with raised-ceilings, plenty of sunshine and magical dragon energy. Positive karma abounds.

Q. Does the home have a gas/wood burning fire?
A. Nothing beats a gas-started, wood-burning fire which is quick and easy to enjoy. Glowing embers can soothe the soul at anytime. DragonsFyre's outdoor gas fire pit is sunken for wind-protection and is a delight for outdoor activities.

Q. Can the kids play outside?
A. DragonsFyre has a fenced back yard suitable for children and pets. The home is on a non-through fare street with very little traffic and is suitable for youngsters to bicycle.

Q. Is the home owner-neglected?
A. Some older homes in Carmel have been 'abandoned' by their owners to property management firms. The interiors can become worn and somewhat tired. DragonsFyre is cleaned weekly by a three-person cleaning crew, grounds keeper, gardeners and spa technician. The owner also inspects DragonsFyre prior to most Guest check-ins as well as undertaking the majority of preventative maintenance.

Q. What do past Guests say about DragonsFyre?
A. Please read a short collection of comments from past DragonsFyre Guests.