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DragonsFyre Night Photos

DragonsFyre at night
Front door
DragonsFyre is softly floodlit at night. Enjoy the underwater lights in the water urn.

Carmel flagstone steps lead past the teak and stone benches and the soothing water fountains.
Fire pit   Spa
The sunken fire pit with food and wine serving areas amongst the seating is superb for entertaining friends and family.

The relaxing spa is best reached via the arched wooden bridge with the hand-carved walkway.
Patio   Kyota Bridge
Patio table seating for six under a shade umbrella.
A stone buddha rests beside the Tree of Truth. Kyota Bridge rises over the butterfly pit and a 30kg dragon egg.

Gong   Teak furniture
Japanese tea ceremony gong amongst the many chimes.
Patio seating with open great room French doors and DragonFyre side gate in the rear.

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