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DragonsFyre - a Dog Friendly Vacation Rental

Dogloo with watering bowl. A great place to hang out between beach walks.
Is Carmel and DragonsFyre dog friendly?
Carmel is a very dog friendly city and beach. DragonsFyre's owner has a Husky and so knows all the best coffee shops, restaurants and galleries. DragonsFyre has the following dog facilities:
  • dogloo, water bowel and auto-licker in fenced dog run alongside south side of house
  • pooper scoopers and complimentary plastic poop bags
  • food and water bowls with kitchen dog meal mat and floor rug
  • large comfy dog pillows in the great room, dining area and master bedroom
  • complimentary mint doggy biscuits

Where can't I take my well behaved dog in Carmel?
Here's a short list where dogs are welcome or must remain outside:

  • Restaurants that do not have an outside patio or covered rear patio (most do - please ask if unsure). Click here for the list of all dog friendly restaurants in Carmel at PortoBella is a favorite of my Husky for its iced water and doggy chicken plate.
  • Coffee Houses - by far the best where all dog owners congregate with a six table patio is at Caffé Cardinale Coffee Roasting Company. Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting and Carmel Bakery & Coffee (all on Ocean Avenue) have dog watering bowls outside for the pooches. Arawan Thai Café further down Ocean Avenue, just behind the candy store near PortoBella, has a full sized patio and great Thai iced teas to go.
  • Galleries - just ask before you enter. I've been allowed in all of them. When I visit the glass galleries, I leave my Husky outside where I can see him.
  • Delicatessens - I prefer 5th Avenue Deli next to the post office. Plenty of hitching posts and all within earshot. Bruno's Market & Deli has a great selection as well.
  • Carmel Post Office -please leave your dog outside. The rear entrance has a nice post near a tree to hitch your dog.
  • Carmel Library - please tie you dog up outside on the dog wall.
  • Dussendorf Park (at the top of Ocean Avenue) is a dog-free zone for humans

Who runs the guided walking tours of Carmel? Can I bring my dog? and offer excellent walks for both your family and dog. Explore all the hidden courtyards and secret walkways.
And then take your pooch to their very own doggie spa at Signature Paw Spa in Carmel.