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The Dragons of DragonsFyre

  Drako above waterfall
Drako's lair with entrance to water cave at base.

Always present, always watchful.

Drako takes a breather.

As of summer 2009, DragonsFyre has upwards of 20 dragons living on its grounds in Carmel-by-the-Sea:

Two whiskered Chinese dragons guard DragonsFyre from under the home's front eves. High in their perch, these wise and protective dragons peer out to the sea night and day. During your stay, rest assured that they'll also be watching over you and your family.

Drako breathes         

Drako, the fire breathing dragon, clings atop the drip waterfall in the rear grounds. Perched on a mighty rock pinnacle, he savors his might protecting the water cave. Drako guards a 50 lb banalinga nest egg hidden under the arched wooden bridge. Be careful! Drako breathes fire whenever he wants. Don't get too close or you may end up toast!

Kyota, a young dragoness adopted from Kyoto, Japan, has a broken horn. So shy she won't let us snap a photo - she needs your love as her horn grows stronger. She perches near the fire pit.

It's rumored that a large purple dragon lives hidden by the north roof line of DragonsFyre. Seen just once, purple dragons are the most mystical of all creatures. When you least expect it, they'll whisper a secret that will change your life. Listen well, especially at night, when you can hear the waves roll onto the sandy Carmel beach.

As you relax on the many benches nestled on DragonsFyre's grounds, many nooks and crannies have dragon inscriptions and carvings.

A cave dragon possibly resides within Drako's lair, perched behind one of the many boulders. Megladon teeth litter the walls and stone ledges, leftovers from this sharp-clawed beast. Please do not explore the water cave!

A number of nesting dragons, unseen for the most part, live below the house in sand dens. And high atop the pine in the back garden, a lone dragon sits so hidden, it's just a rumor. Smaller dragons bashful amongst the bamboo grove that rings the grounds, may at times be glimpsed, sometimes by just their tail, during the full moon.

Please do not feed the dragons. They all prefer incense.

Some great dragon sites:




Burmese Dragon       Tibetan Dragon       Dragon Egg
Burmese dragon tapestry
Tibetan monastery door rescued from Tibet after Chinese incursion
Dragon egg under the bridge.
Dragon Guard   Handle   Grass Dragon
Dragon guards front garden
Dragon handles
Dragon hiding in 'grass'
Fan Dragon   Fire Dragon   Japanese Dragon
Painted dragon fan
Five writhing dragons
Japanese dragon painting
master dragon
Painted Dragon
Shinto Dragon
Dragon shares the master bedroom side table
painted metal dragon
Shinto Dragon shrine
Tibetan Dragons
Wall Dragon
Wooden dragon in Dragon Room
Tibetan monastery door rescued from Tibet after Chinese incursion

Dragon overlooking the Tree of Truth

Ceiling Dragon
Twin Dragons
Dragon resting in bathroom ceiling
Twin dragons before creeping to DragonFyre Gate

Dargon Fly
Water Dragon
Dragonfly hiding below Drako's Lair

Water dragon
Carved dragon mural







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